Thank you everyone who made this possible!  Starting with our former board member Mike McClain who wrote the original text to start the whole process.  Justin Glasgow at BLM who guided us through this complex production,  is responsible for  finding the artist, editing our copy and getting a fabulous professional printing job done – no small feat with the colors we used,  Lisa Rice at BLM for making sure our text was historically accurate.   Zach Million at BLM who selected the indestructible sign frame and post (we are going lighter on the next one!!!!) and for arranging for the invaluable help from  Evan Gammon from the Job Council and his crew  – Ian and Dane.  They carried the sign and the post up one mile – no small feat!!!!! Jim Reiland made sure it was level, plumb and perfect!  And definitely key – Dixie (the mule) and her trust worthy sidekick Annette Parsons –  carried 120 lbs of concrete mix and water up to the site ( the mule, not Annette).  It was quite the parade, a gorgeous day and its done!!!!  Furthermore it looks terrific.

If that was not enough, Jim Reiland and Ian walked back down the mountain, drove to Bear Gulch and carried a chainsaw around the whole loop, taking out some large fallen trees!  While they did that, Evan and Dane did some excellent treadwork on the Tunnel Ridge access trail.  Plus we got some directional signs up on a post.

A highly productive day.

Thank you everyone!

Hope Robertson


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