To the Community,

Thanks to fantastic work by SUTA volunteers and BLM over the past few months, the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail (SMD) from Bear Gulch trailhead to the Little Applegate Trailhead is now totally trimmed and cleaned up.  Until we gain permission from BLM to continue work on other sections of the SMD we are finished with trail trimming for the time being.  For those of you who joined in the fun, food, and thrashing about in the bushes and poison oak – a major thank you for your enthusiasm and time.  And for those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t worry…there will be plenty more opportunities in the future.

We are hoping to host a wildflower walk in April: check the website for details.  We want to get more people out to enjoy this scenic, newly trimmed trail, and to learn about SUTA.

SUTA will be organizing hikes and horseback rides over the next few months to explore the route for the Jack-Ash trail up on the ridge top, as well as various connecting links to the Sterling Mine Ditch.  The first foray into the wilderness will be Saturday April 3rd to hike up Goat Cabin Ridge.  This ridge runs from the end of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail where it crosses Little Applegate Road up to the BLM road along the ridge by Anderson Butte.  Bring a lunch.  A few days before the hike, we will post details on the meeting place and creating a car ferry so we won’t have to hike both up and down. The wildflowers should be spectacular, not to mention the views.  Anyone is welcome to come along.  This is NOT a work party, it’s just a wonderful chance to hike with friends, new and old, and to check out a possible connecting route from the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail to our future Jack-Ash Trail.

Happy Trails to all!


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