SUTA and ATA Partner up at Siskiyou Crest Festival

SUTA and ATA paired up this weekend to host a booth at the Siskiyou Crest Festival at Pacifica, near Williams, to present maps and information about one of Oregon’s new “Signature Trails”. This trail, when completed, will be about 90 miles long and will connect the PCT near Mt Ashland and the Ashland watershed trails with the Cathedral Hills trail system in Grants Pass by joining the Jack-Ash Trail with the Applegate Ridge Trail. The villages of Jacksonville and Ashland, as well as Applegate and the Ruch/China Gulch area will also be connected to this Signature Trail. Help support this multi-decade effort by volunteering or donating! And meanwhile, you can get out and hike the existing portions of the Jack-Ash, Sterling Mine Ditch, and East Applegate Ridge trails! Hope to see you on the trails!

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