Still Wet Out There

For Equestrians and Bicyclists:

With reports of the sun finally making an appearance this week, we all will be tempted to rush out and go riding on the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail.  The huge amount of rain that we have had in recent weeks makes the tread of the Sterling Mine Ditch, especially at the Tunnel Ridge by-pass and the Wolf-Gulch by-pass extremely soft.  We’ve unfortunately had trees blow over that have damaged the tread – its WET OUT THERE.

Image by geojanitor via Flickr

For equestrians  – please wait until we have had at least a week of solid dry weather before venturing out on the ditch trail.  Being a horseback rider myself, I don’t want our enthusiasm to ride on the ditch to create damage when trail conditions are too wet.

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

For bicyclists:  Please consider walking your bike through any really soft muddy areas.  As soon as the trail dries up bikes will be able to ride and leave little trace.

Thank you

for helping

keep the ditch trail

in great shape.


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