Hello All,

You’re invited on yet another great hike and if you are wondering if the trail clearing on the Sterling Mine Ditch trail will ever end….well yes and no. Yes – this is the last chance to wield loppers/saws/clippers on the Sterling Mine Ditch in February!   No – everything grows out there.  But, it really is looking fabulous.  This trail clearing Sunday Feb 28th March 7th will finish up the trail clean-up/trimming for the portion of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail officially open to the public.

When: SUNDAY  ( I repeat SUNDAY) February 28th March 7th!  NOTE:  Date Changed to March 7th

Where: Little Applegate Trail head (the next trail head past Tunnel Ridge)

Time: 8:45 AM at trail head  Rain or shine.

What We’re Doing: Hike a lovely section of the trail and clip, slash and heave poison oak, ankle grabbers, head bashers etc off the ditch.
Bring water, snacks, gloves and wear appropriate clothing for poison oak etc.

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We had 11 people last Saturday the 13th and did the light trimming that was needed for another portion of the trail from Tunnel Ridge eastward towards the Little Applegate Rd trail head except the last couple of miles.  If you have not hiked this trail I HIGHLY recommend it.  Absolutely lovely trail.

For those of you that have not hiked the other end of the Sterling Mine Ditch trail I highly recommend you drive up Deming Gulch and Armstrong Gulch and take a stroll.  It’s awesome to see.

Note to Equestrians:   PLEASE DO NOT RIDE on the trail if it’s just rained.  We found some serious deep hoof prints/damage on the trail in some spots so even though you are enthusiastic to get out on your horse, please check out how muddy and soft it is before going.  If you trailer out to the Tunnel Ridge trail head or one of the other trail heads and find it’s muddy, ride the roads which are gorgeous.  They have almost zero traffic.  We don’t want BLM shutting the trail to horses due to damage – they have already commented to me about this.  Believe me I am one of those anxious to get out on my horse but we need about a week of dry weather at least.  But its great for hiking now!



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