March 8th, 2012 6-8:30 PM at the Jacksonville Library

Have you ever heard about, or visited the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail?

Have you wondered about how the Ditch was built – dug by hand by 400 or so workers in less than a year in 1877?

What did it really take to dig a 26 mile long ditch, how was it operated, how much did it cost, what exactly was a Ditch rider’s job, and how did they use the water for mining at the Sterling Mine?

If you’re curious about this historic feature that is a legacy of our region’s mining past, or if you have stories or know anyone who has stories or experiences to share about it, come join us on March 8th!

The Siskiyou Upland Trail Association (SUTA) is sponsoring a Sterling Mine Ditch history night to share and gather stories and information about the Ditch, and we invite anyone interested in learning more to join us. Lisa Brennan, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cultural Resources Specialist, and Chant Thomas, a long-time local resident who has extensive knowledge of the area will  be there to share information, artifacts, stories, and photos of the ditch and the mining it supported. We hope that other local residents who have stories about the Ditch, Sterling mine, or life in the Applegate during the mining days can come and share their stories so we can enrich our knowledge of our region’s history.


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