Dear Trail Enthusiasts,

Finishing off an already great year for SUTA, we are thrilled to see the first phase of the Jack-Ash Trail move forward with BLM’s publication of the scoping document.  The scoping document announces our proposed trail plan and asks for any preliminary public comment.  Then an environmental impact statement (EIS) is prepared which will also go out for public review in 2015 we hope.

A big thanks to Ted Hass at BLM who helped usher the scoping document on the proposed trail out for public comment.  This was one of his last tasks before retiring this week!  And thank you Annette Parsons for working so hard to help develop the draft and maps used for the scoping letter.

If any of you wish to write BLM and support our efforts at this stage, we would greatly appreciate a show of support.  Here is the link on BLM’s website for the scoping document or I’ve pasted a copy of it above.

When the EIS comes out some time later in 2015, we will let you know as that will be another important time to comment about your interest in the trail.

Thanks for your support.

Hope Robertson


Download PDF Here (Jack-Ash-Phase-I-Scoping_Letter-Dec-22-2014-published.pdf)

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