Georeferenced Trail Map (for smartphones/tablets)

SUTA has created a georeferenced map of the Jack-Ash & Sterling Mine Ditch trails for use with Avenza Maps – a free app that uses your phone’s GPS to track your location on the map so you can know where on the trail you are, no cell signal required!

Step 1 – Download the Avenza app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2 – Download the Jack-Ash & Sterling Mine Ditch Trail map.

For more info about the Avenza app, go to

CalTopo Trail Map (for desktop viewing)

For the best viewing, open the CalTopo map in a new tab or zoom in to find the trails on the map below.

Printable Maps

Jack-Ash & SMDT Loop Map

Jack-Ash & SMDT Loop Map – Black & White

Deming Grub Gulch Loop Map

Deming to Wolf Gap Loop

Tunnel Ridge to Little Applegate to Bear Gulch Figure-Eight Loops

Sterling Mine Ditch Trail BLM Brochure & Map

Proposed SUTA Trail System Map

The Jack-Ash Trail route is a long-term project and is being created in phases. Phase 1, constructed in 2015-2016 connected both ends of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail to the Jack-Ash route on a portion on Anderson Ridge paralleling the BLM road, and using Rush Creek Road to complete the large loop. Phase 2 creates 11 miles of new trail connectors in the system and extends the Jack-Ash route a little closer to Jacksonville, the ultimate goal. Construction on the Phase 2 sections will begin in 2023. Phase 3 will extend the Jack-Ash Route to connect to the East Applegate Ridge Trail (ART) at the north end, and to the Wagner Peak trail and thence to the Split Rock Trail. This will complete the connections between the Jacksonille trail systems and the Ashland trail systems. The combination of needing BLM approvals and private landowner involvement may mean the unbuilt sections of the route may change before final analysis and approval of those sections. SUTA will post revised maps as the route becomes developed.