In the Local Blogs

Here’s a list of local bloggers (more to come) and their experiences on the SUTA Trails! Thank you to all of those that enjoy and share their joy on the trails. Let us know about any sites you find that would like to share their information and pictures!!

Boots On The Trail

These great posts are from:  “Bruce (“VanMarmot”) and Linda (“LovedOne”) here, deep in the State of Jefferson (Oregon).”  We have not been able to contact them to let them know we appreciate their articles and incredible pictures.  Thanks to Zach Million for this site tip.  Be sure to check out their trail coverage of the following:

Riding the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail with Patti!

Join Annette on another great sharing of a horse ride on the SUTA trails: Riding the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail with Patti! Thank you Annette! 

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