Attention Equestrians:

Recent reports of serious horse damage on sections of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail are floating in  – such as  in the wooded areas off of Armstrong Gulch.  Please do not ride on the SMD until the wooded areas have dried out.  The soft soils along the ditch are easily damaged by horse hoofs making the trail hazardous for anyone on foot.  While all of us horse back riders would love to be out there using these trails, if a few use the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail and cause damage we will soon see the trail closed to all horse traffic for much or even all of the year.

Much effort has been made to prepare these trails for everyone to enjoy, so please always make your effort to leave the trails as you found them.

Thank you!

PLEASE spread the word ….

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  1. It’s good to know that riding horses on a wet trail can damage the trail. My wife and I want to go horseback riding on our upcoming vacation but we don’t want to create any lasting damage. I will keep this in mind as we research trail conditions!

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