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You’ve waited for the Jack-Ash Trail for years – so come and join us make this trail a reality!

Come dig in the dirt with us as we open a new section of the trail. This will be a great opportunity to learn new trail building skills, see a trail take shape and know you played a role in the process. This will probably be the only section of the Jack-Ash Trail built from scratch by volunteers so we hope you can participate in this fun day. We will have home-baked trail treats and a great lunch for you.

WHERE:  Meet at the corner of Griffin Lane and Sterling Creek Road and we will carpool through private property to access the trail.

WHEN:  November 19th 2016, Saturday 8:30AM-1:30PM (includes lunch)

WHAT:   Help build a section of the Jack-Ash Trail on BLM land, near Griffin Lane. We will work in teams and provide plenty of coaching for what needs to be done to create a new trail.

WHAT TO BRING:   Wear comfortable hiking or work boots, dress in layers and bring gloves.  Bring water and whatever special snacks you like.  If you have them, please bring loppers, a pruning saw or a tread tool such as a Pulaski, grubber, or sturdy shovel.

RSVP:  If you plan to come, please email so we can plan the work party and food!

Thank you!

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  1. I’ll be there!!

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