On Sunday, November 6, 2016, members of the Medford BLM and the Siskiyou Upland Trails Association, armed with chainsaws, began an impressive effort to build the Jacksonville-Ashland trail, a.k.a., the Jack-Ash Trail.  Branches were heaved, poison oak was pulled, and dead trees dragged off the trail.  Slow slogging and dense manzanita in places didn’t stop the crew, who finished nearly 3/4 of a mile of trail.

This morning, the Northwest Youth Corp northwestyouthcorpsarrived and has begun work on the tread.  Huge kudos to these hard-working volunteers, who have helped to make the Jack-Ash trail a reality, after years of planning and effort.

PLEASE come join us for the first Trail Work party (all the info here)this season on  November 19th  and see for yourselves the progress—a tasty lunch and snacks will be served, as well as,  huge servings of comradery!

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We hope you can join us November 19th!

 See you there!

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