February 2011

2011 promises to bring great progress for developing our trail system. Here are some highlights of what is happening:

Sterling Mine Ditch Trail

Grand Ribbon-Cutting Celebration Planned June 4th – National Trails Day.

As many of you know, great strides were made in 2010 by BLM and by our SUTA volunteers to help trim and open up large sections of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail. In preparation for our June gala event celebrating the full re-opening of the trail from Deming all the way to the Little Applegate Trailhead, our trail work continues this year. We had two trail work parties on the SMD in January and have scheduled work parties the second and fourth Sunday morning of every month through April.  Come join us!

This spring we should receive $15,000 from BLM’s Title II monies to help improve access to the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail. This will allow us to provide better parking at the trailheads and make other access improvements. BLM will also be back out with crews doing tread work and other projects in the spring, i.e., finishing off some of the Stimulus Grant funding allocated for the SMD trail work. So come out with your family and friends and go for a wonderful hike, run, or horseback ride on this very special trail.

Jack-Ash Trail from Ashland to Jacksonville

We will be submitting a proposal to the BLM as a first step in moving the Jack-Ash trail system towards formal approval. Our submittal will be the basis for a BLM public scoping document where the public can comment on our trail proposal. We will be writing that proposal over the next month or so. In the meantime we are still out exploring the trail route options so we will keep you posted about upcoming hikes.

SUTA Non-Profit Status

The IRS has notified us that they have received and are processing our application to become a non-profit. While this will be a long process we are hoping by later this year that we will have gained official non-profit status – a key to future funding.

SUTA Brochure: We’re in the middle of getting our first brochure together and should have that soon for all of you to pass around to friends and neighbors.

That’s a quick update.  Remember to continue to check back here for more information.

See you out on the trails!,


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