Run the Ditch 5 Miler 05261296 runners took to our trails this weekend running a 5-mile race from Tunnel Ridge Trailhead, down Little Applegate Road to the Bear Gulch trailhead, along the Sterling Mine Ditch trail (SMDT) returning to Tunnel Ridge.  The fastest runner did this in slightly under 33 minutes!!!!!!  In addition we had a nice turn out for our guided hike – led by Chamise Kramer, a botanist with BLM – despite the early morning rain!  This race was organized by the Southern Oregon Runners – spearheaded by  Seth Weintraub and Steve Goldman – both of whom know the SMDT well.   SUTA and BLM were co-sponsored the event with our primary role making sure the trail was in tip-top shape for the event.  This was a wonderful way to introduce a large number of people to the pleasures of this great trail.  Next year we hope to see even more of you out there running!  Three SUTA board members and their spouses ran the race in fine form with the rest of the SUTA board cheering!

If you haven’t hiked/ridden/bicycled or run the loop from Bear Gulch to Tunnel Ridge recently, I recommend it.  Its been carefully trimmed of poison oak and other encroaching branches – it looks especially terrific.

We thought you would enjoy a few shots of the race on your trail system.

Hope Robertson

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