REI has generously awarded another grant to the Siskiyou Upland Trails Association (SUTA).  The new trail kiosks you see at every trailhead are  thanks to REI’s 2013 grant to SUTA.  This year we applied for funding for a bridge to cross Deming Creek.  This bridge will allow us to re-open a gorgeous section of the Sterling Mine Ditch and safely cross the Deming Creek.  Right now, when you hike or ride north from the Deming Trailhead towards the new Grub Gulch access trail, there is a confusing section of the trail where you go downhill on a road and then over a series of humps, across Deming Creek and finally back onto the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail.  Our future bridge will take us off the road onto a lush, gorgeous section of the ditch currently closed off and across Deming Creek, allowing an almost seamless use of the  ditch trail.  The plan is to build a bridge that will be solid and last a long time and one that will provide a sense of the ditch’s history.  Flume Trail

We hope to make the sides of the bridge mimic what a flume would have looked like – there no doubt was one that crossed above Deming Creek at the very spot we hope to build the bridge.

Here is an historic shot of a flume.  waterman

We have speculated what on earth these folks were doing but we doubt anyone will need to do the same on our future “FLUME” bridge.   But we thought you would enjoy the picture.  Our first steps will be to work with the Medford BLM to do an environmental assessment of the bridge crossing, then if all goes well we will get the designed and bridge built over the next year.

REI Medford

REI  ~ Medford

We thank  REI for its generous support.  Be sure to go into the Medford REI and thank them for their support of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail!

Hope Robertson


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