BLM’s Lower Sterling Salvage Project to remove hazard trees near parts of SMDT

The Lower Sterling Salvage project is within the vicinity of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail (SMDT) in the area of the Armstrong and Deming Equestrian parking areas.. Over the last year or so you might have seen all the dead and dying trees in the lower Sterling area due to the drought and insects. The Lower Sterling Salvage project will be removing dead and dying trees within striking distance (1-2 tree lengths) of roads, trailheads, parking areas, private property, and trails. The project kicked off last week and they are making quick progress, but there may be some temporary access restrictions to the SMDT during active logging operations. As part of their operations signs will be posted and a spotter will be stationed if they are falling trees near the trail. They should wrap up the work in the next few weeks. The accompanying map shows in dark gray the salvage units near the SMDT. The red line is the SMDT. Note also that some of the units do not directly impact the trail itself but are located along the Deming and Armstrong access roads, so temporary road closures may be in effect.

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