BE AWARE and CAUTIOUS! Falling Tree Removal January 10 – 19, 2018

BE Aware and Cautious!

Implementation of the Squishy Bug Salvage Project on the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail is expected to occur from January 10-19. During this time, contractors will be falling hazard trees on and near the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail. Trail guards will be in place for public safety, and 15 minute delays can be expected for trail users. Once trees are felled, they may stay in place for a few days until the proper equipment arrives to remove them from the trail. In the meantime, hikers will have to crawl over the trees or hike around them. All trees and equipment are expected to be removed from the project site by January 23rd.

Project design features have been incorporated into this project to protect the trail, ditch, and other resources. The full text of project design features can be found on the CX/DR available on ePlanning.


Brian Lawatch

Planning and Environmental Specialist

Ashland Field Office, Medford District

Bureau of Land Management

Office: 541-618-2316

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