Dear All,

Saturday was a huge success based on the enormous amount of work that was accomplished by 35 hardy trail blazers.  Thanks to REI  For use on photo or dark backgroundwe had a wonderful breakfast, and SUTA provided a hardy lunch for the highly productive trail crew who came to help.  Thank you to everyone who helped organize the event, came and worked.  We made quick work of some major tread work, log placement, down slope landscaping, eating great food and drinks, taking photographs and more.  Its going to be a beautiful trail and you all should take credit in helping it take a giant leap forward!ArmstrongGulchTrailWorkers060113

This new access trail at Armstrong Gulch will be open to hikers only for now for two reasons:  it is not complete and until it has really packed in, both the tread and the extremely soft downhill slope will be easy to damage with a horse or bicycle.   Hikers, be sure to hug the inside edge of the trail as the dirt on the downhill section is totally loose at this point – no one needs to twist an ankle.  Once we have a great rain this fall it will start to pack in nicely and then be open to all users.

Thank you again to everyone for your superb help!

Hope Robertson



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